Jessica Woods Law

Jessica came to me to help her build her brand and web presence for her law and research business. She was starting a new business on her own and needed updated professional headshots as well as a website to showcase both services she provides: litigation and research.

We took her headshots in a natural environment near her office in Vail. For her website, Jessica wanted to combine both sides of her practice (litigation and research) on one site, which we achieved by creating two different navigation areas that then expanded into more information about each. With different clients for each area, she wanted to make sure that all visitors who come to her site have a clear understanding of where to go. And having both on the same site creates the potential for cross-marketing, as clients can learn about the other area of her practice.

We also designed her business cards to complete her branding package.

View a selection of Jessica’s headshots and a sample of her business card below, and visit her completed website: